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shampoo facial torongia con tecnologia antipolucion

Shampoo Facial torongia

200 mL
shampoo facial torongia para una limpieza profunda
tecnologia antipolucion en skincare torongia

Light and foaming facial dermo-cleanser that helps cleanse and control excess oil on the skin, leaving it with a mattified and fresh effect after washing. Removes oil and impurities, sealing pores and protecting them from environmental pollutants.

  • Type of skin: Mixed.

  • Active ingredients: Grapefruit, calendula, tea tree oil, vitamin E and citrus extracts.

  • How to use: Apply a sufficient amount of Facial Shampoo on a damp face in the morning and evening, massaging the skin in a circular motion for 1 minute until foams. Then rinse and pat dry. Avoid the eye area.

  • Time of use: In the morning and evening as the first step of the facial routine.

  • Recommended for: People looking to keep their skin clean and free of impurities.

torongia dermatologically tested products

Dermatológicamente probado.

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